Men's Casual

Slim Straight Fit Broken Twill Fabric Casual Pants for Men



Broken Brown
Italian Straw
Potting Soil
Taupe Grey
Total Eclipse
Four Leaf Clover



Say goodbye to discomfort with our broken twill fabric cotton trousers men can wear for long hours and still remain relaxed. The broken twill fabric of our cotton pants for men easily stretches over your skin, letting you move about unhindered by your clothing. Feel the freedom to move with these comfortable, stretchy trousers for men.

Stock up on our mens summer trousers for warmer days. You’ll love the airy fabric of our trousers for men that keeps your body temperature at an optimum level. Our trouser design for man, who prefers the outdoors is durable and prioritizes comfort. You can run, jump, and stretch as much as you wish in these trouser pants

Stay stylish as you take on new challenges in the outdoors, wearing our mens casual trousers that are made to last. The long-lasting dyes on our fabric don’t fade quickly while the fabric feels soft against your skin. Our Slim Fit Straight Casual Pants for Men are available in Broken Brown, Italian Straw, Alpine, Potting Soil, Taupe Grey, Total Eclipse, or Four Leaf Clover.  



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