Your boss just called and has arranged a business lunch for you where you are required to look prim and proper. You go through a pile of your favourite formal shirts but cannot seem to make a decision. What you wear reflects your personality and confidence. Your dressing choice determines how you manage things daily whether it is dressing up for an official event or getting ready for a party. One thing that is crucial when it comes to selecting branded dress shirts for men is affordability. All a gentleman needs is a sophisticated attire that may fit every event. It should be affordable yet classy and boosts his confidence. 

How to pick the right formal shirts for any event?

If you are a man who follows trendy fashion and wants to upgrade his look you will most certainly pick the easiest option that will be quick to put on and goes well with anything.  Formal shirts for men  are tailored with sleek cuts and fine stitching that can be styled in many ways. 


Birthdays are a symbol of celebration and happiness. You can either be subtle or extravagant while choosing your attire as it depends on who's birthday it is and your preference in fashion. Selecting branded dress shirts for men and pairing it with a suit is the perfect way to make a statement. You can wear a pair of tassel loafers to compliment the overall look with a touch of class and elegance. The color range can include a mix of neutrals to bolds depending on the theme. 


Weddings can be different all over the world but their overall essence remains the same. Weddings in Pakistan are the perfect example of variety of colors and diversity. When selecting formal shirts brands in Pakistan, quality with good value for money is preferred. For weddings, the color range depends on the theme and time of the wedding. Classic white or blue looks good  with a matching blazer or a tuxedo. The blazer can also be of contrasting color which will add a twist to your overall look. You can also accessorize with a decent watch or a bracelet to add a touch of elegance. 

Official events

For official events being overdressed doesn't represent class or authority. If you're running late for a meeting you may need something  that is easily adaptable with emergencies.That is why formal shirts are the best choice to portray professionalism. The colors should be modest, including plain whites to pastels paired with a blazer or a simple black tie. You can wear a pair of black loafers or formal flats and to accessorize, a simple leather strap watch will surely add grace to your look. 

Style and comfort redefined with formal shirts for men

Menswear is often fashionable, but not comfortable. It is made with not breathable fabrics and may not fit every season. When choosing branded dress shirts for men, cotton and cotton blends are the best options. Linen is also a good choice for hot weather but it is infamous for wrinkling. Poplin which is made with 100% cotton and does not require much ironing is a perfect fabric for summer formal shirts. For winters, Oxford weave is a suitable fabric that is both durable and sleek, perfect for a warm and cozy look. Winter fabrics may also include broadcloth and twill that are perfect for mild winters. Breathability is a crucial factor whenever you are looking for formal menswear to avoid any discomfort during long formal events and transitional weather. Check out Bien Habille's formal shirts in Pakistan and elevate your wardrobe.

Perfect fit in branded dress shirts for men

Choosing the right fit that compliments your body type is crucial while upgrading your everyday look. Tight fitting can cause discomfort as well as decrease the product's durability. A shirt that's too loose does not help either. This is where sizing is necessary to help you decide what looks best on you. Branded dress shirts for men must have versatile sizes to ensure inclusivity such that no gentleman feels left out. The armholes determine how the shirt will fit in the chest, armpits, and shoulders. If you are opting for a button-up make sure to select the appropriate size so the buttons do not look too stretched while you are stretching your arms or standing still. The length of the sleeves must be suitable enough to fit your arms and have no excess fabric folding out. Formal shirts when tucked in must have a clean cut when worn with trousers to give you a flattering look that accentuates your style and helps boost confidence. Two vertical back darts must be placed across the small of your back which will not only look good but also allow the garment to taper at the waist. Step up your style with Bien Habille's formal menswear.