All you need is a handy card holder that will solve all your space-related problems. It is both spacious and stylish and can be used as a wallet alternative. Simple wallets may be traditional and provide you some benefit but they do have their limitations. On the other hand, if you are looking for options that are style-oriented and flexible you may opt for a card holder wallet. That’s why leather card holders make amazing gifts. 

How to choose the right card holder for any occasion?

Birthday gifts

It's your friend's birthday and you want to give them something useful and stylish but cannot seem to decide anything. You also want that gift to be affordable, durable, and provide convenience whenever it is used. You scroll through the internet and come across Bien Habille's leather credit card case collection and instantly know what to give to your friend. 

Wedding gifts

Weddings are semi-formal events and you may be wondering what is the perfect wedding gift that your spouse may want. It is difficult to pick the right gift for your significant other because you do not know if they would like it or not. You will look for something sophisticated and up to modern trends. A card holder wallet is the perfect wedding gift.

Corporate gifts

Business gifts are more formal than wedding or birthday gifts. They are important in growing connections and building a good reputation. You do not want your boss to dislike the gift you gave them. For corporate events, you may require a rather elegant and slightly pricey option that is expensive but not way over your budget. A leather card holder is the best option for corporate gifts. 

Everyday use

For everyday use, you require something lightweight and easy to handle. You need  something that is reliable and withstand everyday wear and tear. It must have rigid compartments that can hold multiple cards, IDs and some loose cash. A card wallet is ideal for everyday use as it provides the required space and ease.  

Is leather a suitable material for a card holder wallet?

Leather is known for its luxurious feel and durability. It is often used in purses, jackets, and handbags. Due to its sleek structure and flexibility, it can be used in a card holder or wallet. If you are looking for something that can withstand the everyday hustle and pass the test of time you may opt for leather card holders or wallets. 

Range of styles

A leather card holder comes in a variety of styles to suit your everyday needs, from slender, minimalist solutions to tri- or bi-fold designs with additional pockets. It can be kept in pockets, handbags, and purses without being worn out. They are perfect for travelling and can be used as gifts as mentioned before. Since they’re so necessary to everyday life, wallets make great gifts.

Secure compartments

Leather is the perfect material to provide safety and protection to your card wallet from scratches, rain, dirt, or shock. Also, it is equipped with zips or elastic bands that provide additional security to your belongings, avoiding slip-outs and misplacement. 

The compartments in a leather credit card case are designed to keep your cards intact and segregated so you can pull them out instantly without the hassle of finding them. 

Range of sizes

Leather is also known for its versatility as it can be made in different sizes to cater to different needs. For example, for everyday use, you can pick a medium-sized card holder that is simple and minimalistic. But for a formal event, you may require something intricate and perfect for making a statement, adding class to your personality, and complimenting your outfit. 

Sustainable fashion

Choosing a leather card holder promotes sustainability because leather is a biodegradable and ecologically beneficial material as opposed to synthetic alternatives, which frequently result in plastic waste. Choosing ethically sourced leather promotes eco-awareness and offers a sustainable alternative, encouraging consumers to make more thoughtful decisions and lessening their influence on the environment. 

Should you give a simple wallet or a card wallet as a gift to a loved one?

Whether you choose a simple wallet or a card wallet as a gift depends on the everyday needs of the receiver. A simple wallet may be spacious but it is often a hassle to find the right thing at the right time and there is always the danger of things falling out when you are searching for something. However, if the lucky gift receiver is more of a traditional person, you can pick a simple wallet to brighten their day. 

But if your loved one is someone who prefers trendy options and wants something that is simple but stylish and provides multiple compartments, you may go for Bien Habille's leather credit card case. It can fit into any pocket and since it is smaller than a bi-fold simple wallet, it is often preferred by women making it a perfect gift for them.