A well-fitted formal shirt is the highlight of an outfit when it comes to menswear for special events and even office attire. Shirts can make or break the whole look of your professional wardrobe. You can find a wide variety of formal shirts for men online and in-store in Pakistan. There are different ways to style men’s shirts to look sharp and stylish. Every man should have a selection of high-quality dress shirts. Whether you have to attend an important meeting, a family dinner or if you want to step up your style game, the right shirts can transform your look.

Popular Designs of Formal Shirts for Men

Trends come and go, but the classics are called classics for a reason. You might have a bolder casual wardrobe, but playing it safe during special occasions is best. Next time you go shopping for dress shirts at the best local menswear stores, look for these versatile designs in their collection:

Simple White Shirt

Classic white formal shirts for men are available at most menswear brands in Pakistan. A plain white shirt is a must-have in every man’s office wardrobe because it goes well with every kind of outfit. The white shirt is a timeless addition to your collection of dress shirts. Make sure to always keep a well-fitted, clean, and ironed white shirt ready in your closet. You can pair up your pain white shirt with any suit, tie, or trousers. Check out Bien Habille’s selection of formal shirts Pakistan’s men enjoy wearing to the office. The versatility of a simple white shirt makes it a staple in every man’s wardrobe.

Plain Light Blue Shirt

Get a light blue shirt to add a splash of color to your collection of formal shirts for men. Wearing a light blue shirt isn’t distracting, making it the best choice for pairing with dark or light colors. You can choose a simple light blue dress shirt for formal and semi-formal events. Consider the quality of the material and stitching when buying formal shirts for men online. If you want maximum comfort and durability, look for high quality fabrics like cotton or linen. It’s up to you to style your light blue shirt according to your plans for the day.  

Checkered Shirt

Some people might think checkered shirts are not business appropriate. But certain popular prints can work well in your formal or semi-formal attire if styled carefully. Checkered formal shirts for men keep things interesting without seeming over-the-top. Neutral checkered shirts are perfect for a relaxed yet office-appropriate look. You can wear checkered dress shirts with dress pants at work and change into jeans while going out with your friends. Browse formal shirts for men online to wear with plain trousers and matching dress shoes to complete the look. You can also add a blazer to your outfit if you feel underdressed.

Pale Pastel Shirt

You may have noticed a rise in the popularity of plain, light pastel formal shirts for men. Not only are pastels refreshing, but they don’t overpower other style elements. Whoever said pastel pink is only associated with femininity is wrong. Pale, understated shades of pink look equally good on men, adding a sophisticated touch to their wardrobes. Check out our collection of formal shirts Pakistan’s men love to buy at Bien Habille’s online store. Wearing a trendy pastel dress shirt instantly brightens your mood. Who doesn’t need a mood boost to survive a hectic day at the office? Pair your pastel dress shirt with navy blue or grey trousers for a chic appearance.

Basic Black Shirt

You can never go wrong with solid black formal shirts for men. No matter the season, a black dress shirt remains a wardrobe staple for men. You can wear a charcoal grey suit with your black dress shirt at the office on workdays. You need at least one plain black shirt in your collection at all times. Browse formal shirts for men online, including basic black shirts in comfortable cotton blends at Bien Habille. Black has the unique power to make you look and feel bold and confident. Invest in a solid black dress shirt to elevate your style and help you stand out.

Striped Shirt

A striped shirt can be dressed up or down depending on your personal preference. You can wear striped shirts with a suit, tie, plain trousers, or khakis for a more laid-back, casual look. The narrow lines on formal shirts for men appear neat while adding an interesting twist to your style. Patterned shirts offer a quick and easy upgrade in menswear. Solid color suits or blazers can make the stripes on your shirt stand out. Bien Habille has a wide range of premium quality cotton formal shirts Pakistan’s men prefer to buy in all seasons.


Shopping for formal shirts for men online can be overwhelming with the unlimited options available online and in stores. A simple white shirt, a light blue shirt, a soft pastel dress shirt, a checkered shirt, a solid black shirt, and a striped shirt are all you need to build a good formal wardrobe for men.