Cotton has been the most popular choice in men’s trousers for centuries and it’s not just because cotton is a natural fabric. Over the decades, we’ve seen different blended varieties of cotton pants for men. Whenever another fabric is mixed into cotton, it adds another layer of properties to your clothes. A versatile fabric that’s readily accessible in many parts of the world, cotton has become a staple in menswear. You can find formal, semi-formal, and casual pants for men in cotton and blended cotton fabrics in a range of styles. Here’s how you can find the perfect pair of pants for your wardrobe.

Classic and trendy styles in men’s pants

There are two main types of styles available in cotton pants for men: Flat front and pleated front trousers. Men who are more into traditional aesthetics prefer to wear trousers having pleated fronts. Just like the pleats you see on dresses for women and girls, the pleats on traditional pants are defined by sections of folded cloth. You won’t see pleated fronts in casual pants for men very often because pleats require precise measurements to prevent the fabric from crumpling up as it does in casual styles. Delicately folded cloth on either side of the zip flowing down your leg in the form of vertical pleats is a visible feature of traditional menswear.   

Cotton pants for men with flat fronts are commonly seen in semi-formal and casual menswear with an edgier vibe. Those who want to look laidback and relaxed can choose flat-fronted pants. You can find jeans and cotton trousers with flat fronts, which are comfortable and easy to style for different occasions. Casual pants for men aren’t suitable for office wear as most men choose pleated straight trousers for work. But you can still pair casual cotton trousers with semi-formal and formal shirts. You can wear blazers, long coats, and well-fitted formal jackets with casual pants that prevent you from looking too stiff or serious.

What’s the best fit for men’s trousers?

Everyone loves a fun pair of vintage bell bottoms, but maybe you should save them for your next Halloween look because older styles tend to look dated on men. If you are conscious about the thickness or thickness of your legs, you can choose cotton pants for men having wide legs. Bell bottoms and more fitted styles of trousers can be tight over your waist, thighs, and hips. While fitted trousers are great for showing off your toned physique, they can be uncomfortable for some men.  Wide-legged styles are available in formal, semi-formal, and casual pants for men.

Not for the faint-of-heart skin-tight pants are quite unforgiving on the average body and sometimes give off the wrong vibe. It takes courage to don a pair of cotton pants of men in fitted varieties, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid them out of anxiety. Follow the size guide of the brand you’re buying trousers from and measure your legs for an accurate comparison. Try on a couple of pairs of skinny jeans in the fitting room to find the correct size. Casual pants for men in fitted styles are popular in high fashion and streetwear, but uncommon in formal wear that calls for a looser fit.

Why choose cotton pants for men

Every man has his own taste in clothes, so we have an entire spectrum of fabrics in menswear from leather to cotton. Men are careful when selecting t-shirts, tank tops, and full-sleeved formal shirts, but they tend to forget that the skin of their legs is just like the skin of their upper bodies.  Stretchy blended fabric is commonly found in casual pants for men, especially in athletic wear and even streetwear. More fitted styles of trousers require breathable fabric such as cotton otherwise you risk overheating your body. Adding an element of stretch to trousers helps you move around more freely even when your trousers are hugging the skin of your legs in fitted cotton pants for men.

Budget is often a concern when shopping for menswear even though you’re paying for the quality of the fabric, stitching, buttons, zips, etc. Buying clothes in colors that you wear the most or neutrals is a smart way to save money. You can avoid overspending on casual pants for men by choosing trousers that are either 100% cotton or have a high percentage of cotton in them. Wear cotton pants in summer, autumn, winter, and spring. Men can wear the same pair of cotton pants on different occasions, including outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, adventure sports, etc. Cotton pants for men help maintain optimum body temperature by allowing sweat to dry off your skin within seconds.

Take measurements of your body before stepping into a store for buying casual pants for men. When shopping online, you have the size guide to make sure you’re getting the right fit. Keep trying different styles and sizes before getting a pair of trousers. Go for high-quality fabric and colors that are versatile depending on your personal taste.